Why Boutique?

"Boutique wines" generally refers to wines made by small wineries that its infrastructure cannot generate a high volume of production (boutique wineries). Normally its vineyards have low yield per hectare but high quality of grapes, and a lower total production of litters than conventional wineries.


Normally these wineries are not able to make a great marketing campaign, that’s why consumers discover them in special wine shops, hotels and restaurants.

However there are also big wineries that devote part of their production and their best vineyards to create wines under the same concept and dedication.

The interesting thing about boutique wines is the intimate relationship between the fruit and the winemaker, with a care and management much more personal and intensive of the grapes and the manufacturing process of the wine. These wines are not easy to find and most attractive is that the winemaker does not seek to achieve a standardized product adapted to the mass market, but a personal and differentiated wine.


These wines are unique in every way and worth to be discovered. We are proud that we can offer some of these pearls.